Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year: 2011

It's not quite the New Year yet...but I am waiting on my glass of wine (well, waiting for the bottle to get here) to start bringing in the NY. It's better for everyone this I am PMSING from the depths of hell. I can tell my blood pressure is through the roof...but with so many things escalating it, it's difficult to keep it at a normal level.

My sister and her SO are going out tonight. Made reservations at some restaraunt at 5:30. I wasn't asked to go...wasn't asked or told's my first NY here, and I have no idea what they are even doing. I wonder if our relationship will ever be the same; no, it won't. I can't see how it could be. When your own sister treats you like garbage like she'd throw on the side of the street, when her SO kicks you and your husband and toddler out (like garbage she'd throw on the side of the street) in February (dead of WINTER) and not even speak a WORD to you about it (she still hasn't and we learned about this over a month and a half ago), and add up the other hundreds of fucked up things that have been said, done, acted upon, or not said, not done,'s difficult.

I can always hope that it will be "normal" again...I'm not that much of a pessimist. But the old saying goes, "forgive, but not forget". I can only hope in another 6 months that we have landed on our feet, and we can flip the "success" bird to every single person here that has treated us like shit since we've gotten here.

Time will tell...and we will land on top.

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